Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 Tai Kai

Boy was Tai Kai fun, and exhausting, but in a good way! The theme was "All Things Bladed," and it lived up to that name. Not only was there training in swords and knives, but we did throwing weapons and archery as well. There were many excellent training weapons to play with like yari (Japanese spear) and naginata (Japanese halbred). We ended the seminar playing with kunai, which requires very good taijutsu as it was part of Soke Hatsumi introducing the advanced principles on Juppo Sesho. What is best about Tai Kai is the unified friendship all us budo (warrior path) brothers and sisters share at this event. The Bujinkan is like one big family. And in Idaho, your place for training in the traditional martial arts of the Bujinkan is with us at the Living-Warrior Dojo, located in Meridian.

Martial arts training for Meridian, Boise, Kuna, Star, Nampa and surrounding communities.