Monday, April 7, 2014

Gift From the Heart to all the Bujinkan

So as you may or may not know, the Hambu Dojo in Japan is being torn down because of railroad expansion. This has been planned for quite some time, and Hatsumi's influence in the country is very likely what has staved it off for so long. However, it is certainly going to happen know very soon. A new Hambu Dojo will be built to replace this one so many in the Bujinkan have called or thought of as their home dojo away from home ; ).

As a gift, a Bujinkan member, William O'neill, spent hours working on a miniature replica of the Hambu Dojo to give as a gift to Hatsumi. The detail is amazing and Hatsumi said he will place it in the new dojo when it is built. This will be a gift for the whole Bujinkan. Read more about it here in a blog written by William's teacher.

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