Monday, April 28, 2014

This year the theme in Japan is Shin Gin Bu Do, or spiritual culmination. This is a huge, very high level theme. Basically it is the idea of entering a sacred space. Like walking under a Tori Gate or into a sacred area. The idea is to give up our own techniques and let the divine work through us as martial artists. This is very hard to understand conceptually, let alone to make happen in training. This is really an ever present idea in the Bujinkan, but Hatsumi is making this a focus because he said the Bujinkan is ready for this high level of training.

So, how does this relate to our martial arts training here in Meridian, Idaho in the Living-Warrior Dojo? We will continue on as we have been doing. My reason for starting going through the yearly themes of the past in short segments starting last year was because a pattern to the themes began to emerge. Last year the theme was the divine sword. I knew if there was to be a theme for 2014 it would be huge since it is the 42 year since the passing of Takamatsu and the number 42 has a lot of significance to the Japanese.

So, after working through the themes that lead up to this year's theme, we will be better prepared to truly study what has been taught in Japan this year. I will be going to Japan to receive this very high level of instruction. But, like I wrote earlier, the very nature of training in the Bujinkan is already with this theme in mind. It is in the Shinkin Haramitsu Daikomyo, it is in the phrase, Chi Haya Furu Kami Oshiwa Toko Shiaini Tada Shiki Kokoro Mio Ma Mu Ru Ran. It is in the name of the Martial Art itself, Bujikan, which means Society of the Divine Warrior. Training in the Bujinkan is learning to become a living, Divine Warrior.

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