Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tuesday's Class 6/4

For Tuesday's martial arts class we covered more advanced Ukemi and did the San Shin very deeply. Then the primary focus was on punching with both the Tsuki and using Bujinkan principles to do a type of cross punch. This lead into training to deal with others' punches, both straight and curved punches, with the Jodan Uke, Daken Uke, and Uke Nagashi. Tai Sabaki was emphasized at each type of technique used. We used gloves a bit to try and punch with real force and speed, giving the Tori a chance to see the techniques used in a real form, and we also looked at dealing with common attacks that come from other martial arts and "street fighters." Then we looked at two techniques from the Ura Wazas of the Takagi Yoshin Ryu. We started with the Waza as written in the Densho, then looked at the principles of each Waza and how they relate to usability in modern times. As always, we're having fun with our martial arts training here in Meridian, Idaho, near Boise!