Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tuesday's Class

Fun martial arts class last night. We started with advanced ukemi incorporating a heavy bag and using the bag as an obstacle. We moved into doing the San Shin with a knife (tanto). This was our warm up for the evening.

Then we moved into working on kyu level requirements for 7th Kyu and 4th Kyu. Primarily we worked on the techniques of Omote Gyaku Kensabaki, incorporating some free forms using other objects such as a simple dry erase marker; Takeori, both against grabs and punches, really focusing on how to perform the technique correctly; and Ogyaku and the proper footwork and arm placements to make this technique work correctly.

We ended with training Taisabaki. The MMA gloves came out and by the end the uke was encouraged to attack at pretty much full force and speed and the Tori used Taisabaki to avoid the attacks and maneuver into a place of strength related to the Uke. This was lots of fun and a great training aid.