Monday, November 2, 2015

Being a Good Uke. Japanese Martial Arts in Meridian, Idaho

I was planning on going over being a good Uke again and how to do this. Then I read this Blog post by Don Roley, great timing. For our those not familiar with the term, an Uke is the person receiving the technique. It comes from the root word, Ukeru which means to receive something. It shows up in a lot of training words: Uke, Ukemi, Ukenegashi, Ukulele, no...wait, that last one is a tiny guitar [ok, bad joke].

Being a good Uke is important to help the other person (Tori) learn, but there is much the Uke is supposed to learn also as the Uke, so if we aren't being a good Uke, then we are missing out on 50% of training.