Saturday, April 30, 2016

Legit or Fake Link

I often share posts from Don Roley's "Rantings and Ravings" blog. He is much like Dr. House from the TV show House. He just says the truth no matter who likes it or not. Don can read, write, and speak Japanese and has spent a lot of time in Japan. In this blog post I am sharing from him, he spells it out about all the fakes teaching under the name Ninjutsu. It is sad how all the fake schools out there ruin it for us that train in the real thing. They are so bad at what they do, and are so easily proven to be fakes, that it hurts the reputation of legitimate dojo teaching this art. Also, the same goes for any art that claims to teach a Japanese martial art, but has no real claim to Japan. The language is "colorful" in two or three spots, so if you are offended by such language or at work, skip it or wait until a different time to read it. Here is the link: