Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Let's not skip ahead

I saw this picture posted today and thought it applied all too well to martial arts training. There are students who just want to skip ahead to the part where they are awesome immediately. They don't want to do any foundation work that is designed to get your body to instinctively do things correctly. They don't want to spend years studying the complexity of a martial system to find the true art within. They want to just be awesome. This is normal, natural even. We see people who are awesome and we want to be like them. We think that after a few months of grueling training we should be awesome already, but this isn't how it works, unless you are some kind of savant. And savants tend to be so skilled at one thing they are unbalanced in others. It is important to live a balanced life. Just keep training, you will be more awesome each day than you were the last day. Don't cheat yourself of the time it takes to build a solid foundation.

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