Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shared Blog Post, Jutsu vs. Waza

I wanted to share this great blog post from Don Roley on the difference between Jutsu (art) and Waza (technique or form). Often Waza and Kata are used interchangeably, so if that is a word you are more familiar with, you can somewhat substitute Kata for Waza, though there are some differences.

What I took from this post was the importance of learning the subtleties of the art from a teach who can share them with you. Books and videos have their place in learning, but they are a supplement to the real training. In Budo, the feeling is so important. Those who have trained in the dojo for any length of time over a couple months have expressed at some point their surprise at how certain subtle changes can make a technique work so much better. Some things are so subtle they don't show up on video, but the person receiving the technique can feel those important changes, because they hurt so much more! :)

Please read and enjoy: