Shane Sensei
Our head instructor is Shane Sensei, a licensed Shidoshi in the Bujinkan and member of the Shidoshi-Kai. He began his martial arts training in 1992 in Karate and trained for five years, eventually leaving to find a more complete martial art system. He explored several other martial arts without finding what he was looking for. Finally, in 1998, Shane began training in the Bujinkan, an art that offered the complete martial arts system he was searching for.

Shane fully devoted his martial arts training and study to the Bujinkan in the years since. He travels to Japan regularly to further his own training and is a member of the Shidoshi-Kai as a licensed Shidoshi in the Bujinkan. To contact him about training and to get more information you may use email or telephone (208) 991-2382.

Additionally, Shane is an Eagle Scout and has served as a volunteer Scout leader, has worked as a junior high school ELL teacher and substitute teacher, holds a Bachelor of Arts from Boise State University in English with an emphasis in writing, currently works as a grant writer for non-profit organizations, taught martial arts at the Caldwell YMCA to kids and teens for several years, and make high very high quality wood training tools. He is a husband and father and enjoys spending time with family when he is not working, teaching, or training.

Jamie Sensei
Jamie is an assitant instructor at the Living-Warrior Dojo and teaches fundamentals of Taijutsu and Ukemi. Prior to training in the Bujinkan through our dojo, he trained in Kempo Karate, To-Shin-do, Brazillian Jujutsu, Kali, Muay Thai, and Japanese Jujutsu. Jamie was a gymnast for 20 years and was a 5 times Men’s Jr. National Gymnastics qualifier, Michigan State University student athlete-1999-2001, the Ohio State University Student-Athlete -2001-2004, the Ohio State Team Captain 2004, Big-Ten Team Champions 2001, Academic All-Big Ten Team 2004, Ohio State Scholar Athlete 2002-2004.

Jamie has an Bachelor of Arts degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences Criminology/Sociology and a Master of Arts degree in Homeland Security from the American Military University. Jamie is a member of the United States Air Force and has been serving our country since 2007. He is also a husband and father and enjoys spending his free time with family.