Kids Classes

Kids classes are limited to only 12 students, so please email the dojo to check availability or to be added to the waiting list. This is because education experts recommend a ratio of 1 teacher to no more than 15 students for an ideal learning environment. More students than that, and student learning suffers. For martial arts, 12 students is the ideal number for learning.

Classes are offered twice per week, Tuesday and Thursday. Tuition is $35 per month if paid quarterly, or $40 per month if paid monthly.
Kids Martial Arts Training is Fun

Youth Ninjutsu is a cooperative martial arts program for kids of all age- and skill-levels that teaches the traditional marital arts of Japan and the skills of the ninja (Ninjutsu) in a fun and lively manner. At all levels, participants learn discipline and respect, develop confidence and self-esteem, practice age appropriate social skills and leadership abilities, improve focus, increase fitness, learn self-control, and other youth character development. Youth also learn a foreign language through using level-appropriate Japanese terms during classes and there are small, fun projects youth work on as part of the program, learning skill sets appropriate to their age related to ancient ninja knowledge, similar to those common in scouting programs, but specifically from ancient documents from actual ninja schools.

Whereas many other “ninja kids” programs are a hodgepodge of  martial arts not actually related to ninjutsu, this program is built on actual Ninjutsu training from Japan as taught by the last living ninja grandmaster, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.

Contact the dojo for more information: or (208) 991-2382.
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