Women's Self-Defense

The best way to learn self-defense is to actually train in and learn a martial art. However, some women want to learn to defend themselves without dedicating a lot of time to the study of a martial art. Stand Strong was created to teach a condensed self-defense program using both empty hands and self-defense weapons.

Group classes can be scheduled by calling the dojo, minimum four (4) participants in your group (think of it like a jewelry or clothing party you are hosting at our dojo, but self-defense). Classes are $10 per person per class and a minimum of five (5) classes are recommended to feel confident in what you will learn. Self-defense weapons are available to purchase at a lower rate than offered by most other retailers of self-defense programs, and the quality is higher. Quality was an absolute must when the Stand Strong program was developed, only the most advanced self-defense weapons would be sold to those interested in purchasing quality weapons such as pepper sprays, stun guns, and tasers. Family safety tools are available also, such as a child locator.

Contact the dojo for more information: dojo@living-warrior.com or (208) 991-2382.

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